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Development Strategy

As development strategy advisors, TCN UAE provides input for all phases of the development cycle. During the initial phase, the Highest & Best Use study (HBU) is required to answer the question:

“What should be built on this plot in order to achieve the highest financial returns while meeting the Client’s strategic vision and mitigating associated risk?”

Following the HBU stage, we advise on optimum revenue models for each project component, land retention strategy as well as a market-facing phasing strategy to ensure that the anticipated supply is aligned with demand.

Development Img
3rd party management

3rd Party Developer Management

A 3rd party developer management system is a critical success component for master developers. These systems provide several benefits to the master developer including to enforce SPA conditions, to protect the future value of the master developer’s retained assets, to ensure that 3rd party developers meet the master plan requirements, and to show a professional face to 3rd party developers which will improve both the velocity and value of land plot sales.

This management system ”toolbox” includes setup of a DRC (Design Review Committee), creating and publishing DRGs (Development Regulations and Guidelines), setup and execution of a TIO (Technical Interface Office) to coordinate with the municipality and control developer construction on-site, a service charge feasibility study to set achievable service charge levies, and an asset management financial model as the development stage concludes and the project moves into operations.

Master Community
Service Charge Model

A Master Community Service Charge Model allows master developers to assess the long-term maintenance and upkeep costs of retained assets, and then levy service charges to 3rd party developers. The service charge model forms the basis of the master development’s long-term financial and asset management strategies and is a key precursor to launching land plot sales.